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Mac Pro Radeon 5770 5850 flash problem

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the_bart123    0

Hi everyone :)


I'm struggling with flashing my Radeons to see Apple Logo :(


At beginning I want to say I successfully managed to flash XFX 6870 (to see Apple boot logo) so I thought I know what I'm doing :)  


At this moment I ended up with working Sapphire Vapor-X 5770 and Vapor-X 5850 - in macOS they are displayed as 5770 and 5870 (5870 because I flashed it with 5870 ROM as there is no 5850 ROM) - but anywhere there is no Apple Logo :( I've tried all display ports and HDMI.


Everything I was doing with one Mac Pro 2008 with 2 HDD - one with Windows other with El Capitan (to avoid problem with choosing boot choose as no "Apple Logo")


The only one crazy thing what comes to my mind why they not showing boot logo is that - I dumped BIOS without Windows drives - but cannot believe it that.


Everywhere I dumped BIOS with GPU-z


Then in El Capitan copied paste those lines and "python" fix - then "cooked" BIOS installed by WinATI (not DOS ATI) - I remember in 6870 I was doing everything with DOS ATI - but again - I cannot believe that should do a difference.


I'm losing options what to do - SMC Reset? Not working :(


Please help :(

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the_bart123    0

Just want to add - that successfully flashed XFX 6870 was done along with Apple's Radeon 2600XT - those 5770 and 5850 where done just with them - but again - cannot believe that should be problem.


And another thing I forgot to add to help - in GPU-z everywhere UEFI is "ticked".


Basically everything looks like it should - even searching that "MCuC" showed me 2 results - which is fine - but there is no Apple Boot Logo in those 2 different cards :(

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