Blocking URL/group policies?

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Guest Weasel526

I've heard that with the group policies in XP pro you can customize user settings down to the icons you can push. Only thing is I don't know how to use it. Here is one thing that I would REALLY like to do, does anyone know how to do this:

I would like to block a URL for a certain user in XP. I don't necesarily want to download a big bloatware net-nany type program to block ONE URL, anyone have any ideas?

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Roger H.

Hey.. i've never tried this myself but here goes....

Tools --> Internet options ---> content (tab) --->(content advisor) "Enable" ---> aprroved sites (tab) and then just type in the site that you don't want to be accesable and then choose never.. While you're in there take a look at the other tabs to see about password settings and stuff like that.

Hope that helps

Get @ Me


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Guest Weasel526

Thanks, that works OK. I would prefer it to be just one user specific user that it blocks/asks for a password. The IE content thing applies to all users, but it still does what I need to do.

Thanks a bunch.

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