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Hard Drive Upgrade Question

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M_Lyons10    454

I realize that IDE is rather old, but I have a customer that has an old server that runs incredibly well, but is running out of space.  The network that uses this server is closed off from the internet, etc., so security isn't a chief concern at this time.


They would like to upgrade the hard drive to buy them some time before they rework their entire network.


So, I guess I'm looking at buying an IDE drive to upgrade them to, but was having difficulty finding a solution to duplicate the drive that they have.  All of the duplication / hard drive docks I have seen are for SATA.  I know that I can get a 44 pin to SATA adapter, but I don't know if that would work for duplicating the drive or if it would be an issue.  Is there a reasonably priced dock that anyone would recommend and / or tips or suggestions you would like to pass on?  I'm hesitant to use any duplication software that I have to install on the physical machine, as I am worried about compatibility issues...


Thanks for your help.

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Mando    5,115

the IDE to SATA adapters work perfectly mate, ive used them to recover old data before.

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xendrome    5,065

Maybe invest in a Synology NAS?


What does this server run/do exactly, roles and applications?

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