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MAIL app bug, hangs while manually updating, new for iOS 11.2

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mizur    0

The bug:


MAIL app hangs when pulling down to manually update after deleting a message.


Devices affected (verified so far):


iPhone X 256

iPhone 7 Plus 256

(Might happen in others)


App in which bug occurs:


MAIL, official app from Apple in iOS 11.2


Accounts in which bug occurs (verified so far):


Hotmail accounts

(Might happen in others)


How to reproduce bug:


Have an iPhone with iOS 11.2 installed.

Have an Outlook account already synced

Open MAIL app

Delete any message in inbox

Pull down to manually update

App hangs with a turning star and a message below that says "Downloading..."

Tested in WIFI and Cellular connections


To terminate bug:


Completely close app

Reopen app

You can now manually update


Anybody else with this problem, any fix available?

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Clarnt    0

I have the same problem on my iPad that has been updated to 11.2. I have not found that closing an due reopening the app helps. Sometimes I open a email folder and get it to update messages and others it will actually revert to an old date. I’ve even had it briefly delete an account’s messages when it updates mailboxes but they luckily return by closing, reopening and getting it to update messages again. I’ve also had the app say “just updated” and a bit later it will say it hasn’t updated since the day before, all while I am reading messages that were delivered minutes ago. Very frustrating. 


So far closing the app, rebooting, and hard reset of device don’t really help. Occasionally I’ll get lucky and closing the app will work, but only temporarily.


I use both yahoo and Apple (me.com) email accounts in the app.


I haven’t tried deleting the mail accounts yet and re-adding them though I suspect that is what would be recommended to try next. 

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