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I partitioned my old hd to install ubuntu. Then I deleted Windows XP due to it's expiration deadline. I mirrored my old hd to a sshd, but the deleted Windows partition is label as "unallocated" and I can't expand my ubuntu partiton. How do I make this large unallocated partition available to my ubuntu partition? Step by step would be appreciated, as I am not very computer literate. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Brandon H

you may need to reinstall. expanding/moving the OS partition can be a bit risky sometimes (usually you can extend forward on the drive but not backwards on the drive)


before jumping to reinstall though, if you're not already, boot into a separate GParted Live CD/USB as you will not be able to expand/move the active partition if you're booted into Ubuntu.

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  • Brandon H changed the title to GParted

I would just image your Ubuntu partition, wipe the whole drive, then plop your Ubuntu install back.

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