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Welcome to the Mobile Device Desktops thread! Here you can post screenshots of your mobile device's desktop. Please bear in mind the following guidelines for this thread:


Posting Guidelines:


* Stay within the board rules, no matter how yummy you may believe it to be.

* If you are going to quote, there isn't a need to quote an img-embedded picture - Just don't do it. Please just reference the post by page number/page link/etc.

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* The desktops thread is not to be used as a means to post images of a pornographic or otherwise provocative nature. We do not support a babes forum and neither will we in an unofficial capacity. Please help to keep the thread relevant and safe to browse for everyone.

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* In the interests of keeping the thread on topic it is strongly urged that you format your posts in the following order:

* Visual Style: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).

* Wallpaper: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).

* Icons: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).

* Programs: Name/where you got it (with link would be nice).


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3 hours ago, Frank B. said:

By the looks of it @Raphaël G. is using the Microsoft Launcher.

Correct. I go back and forth between Microsoft, Evie and Nova launcher. The one in the picture above is Microsoft launcher with Theme set to transparent.

The icon pack is: Flight Lite

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My Layout has pretty much been the same for years now:




In the first folder to the bottom right I have messaging / social apps, then in the second folder general apps I use every day.

Everything else is in the apps draw, if I swipe left I have a notepad widget.


Launcher: Nova Launcher

Clock/ weather widget: Chronus

Custom Rom: LineageOS

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