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This happens to be one of the most out there shows, it's crazy, odd, violent and funny. I can't believe no one has made a thread on this already. If you haven't seen it it's a must. It's not for everyone but if you had a odd sense of humor, you'll want to check it out. 





Nick Sax is an alcoholic ex-cop turned hitman who lives his days with drugs and cynicism. After he is shot and left for dead, he revives while in the care of paramedics and can now see a small, blue, goofy cartoonish winged horse named Happy. Happy is the imaginary friend of a little girl named Hailey, who has been kidnapped by a deranged man dressed as Santa Claus. Happy escapes to seek Nick's help in finding her and reveals that Hailey is Nick's estranged daughter. Nick reluctantly agrees and he and his new "partner" now must work together to save her.

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This has been renewed for a second season :p


Happy! has been approved for a season 2. This is what Chris McCumber, President, Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment had to say about next season; "If people thought this season was crazy, I can't wait for fans to see what Grant Morrison, Brian Taylor and the entire cast and crew have in store for Sax and Happy!"

That is from IMDB trivia section for the show.

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