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i'm working as database admin



All of my databases on MS SQL Server 2012 work great. One of them has viewed message only today - Database consistency errors reported by DBCC CHECKB. I've no idea what to apply and how to work next.

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DBCC CHECKDB is supported on databases that contain memory-optimized tables but validation only occurs on disk-based tables. However, as part of database backup and recovery, a CHECKSUM validation is done for files in memory-optimized filegroups.


Since DBCC repair options are not available for memory-optimized tables, you must back up your databases regularly and test the backups. If data integrity issues occur in a memory-optimized table, you must restore from the last known good backup.

If your database has memory-optimized tables then you're out of luck and the only option is to restore from a backup. Otherwise you can repair the database using the REPAIR command.

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