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Anyone playing Elder Scrolls Online?

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patseguin    1,264

I remember trying this game back when it was released and it never caught on with me. I've started to get the itch to get into another MMO again and got the new Morrowind version on Steam yesterday.


Graphics are super nice and I love the combat so far. I don't care for the 1st person view because I like to see my gear I'm wearing and see what my toon is doing. Figured out after a while I could scroll the mouse and zoom out to 3rd person.


Is the game worth devoting some time to  learning it and levelling up?

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Erickwp    0

I play skyrim, but if you compare elder scroll with other games online, maybe you wanna try dark souls, cs go, dota 2 so you can play 1 or 2 hours and leave the pc, the other games where you need get armors and weapons and a lot of adventure maybe consume a lot of time

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Andrew    2,860

As long as you don't go into it without expecting another Skyrim or comparing everything to WoW, it's a lot of fun and there is a lot of content for the £$€, even with just the base game.


I bought the Morrowind expansion a while ago and have been meaning to jump back in, but other stuff has got in the way.

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