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How to business on Internet with knowing these languages



If one knows these languages, how can he do business no Internet:


SQL Server

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Nick H.

I'm not sure I follow. Surely the answer is, "you look for someone in need of those services," just like looking for any job? Or are you asking for specific sites for freelance coders?

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To be completely honest, it will probably help you a lot if you work on your English first. To be able to work in an international software team you have to know how to communicate complex ideas. Knowing how to program is generally just not enough.


Also, looking at the list of technologies you provided, I highly doubt your C and/or C++ (two different beasts, don't just mash them together) are really good enough. You might think you know how to program those languages, but no recruiter worth his pay will hire you for them looking at that list. Narrow it down to the things you really master and indicate your current skill level for all of them.


Also; be more specific about versions, for example, have you used angular 1 or 2, with VB I assume (and hope) you really mean VB.NET and the .NET framework in general, etc...

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I am pretty sure, he is looking for freelance web sites, that's the only way you can earn money by "knowing those languages",

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Also you can create a website for promote yourself and make a campaign on facebook or google adwords for get job, i do that and i get some clients !

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