File server migration from Server 2003 to 2012 Windows Migration tool kit or Robocpy?

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Hi all,


I have been set a task for a night class I am taking and require some pointing in the right direction. 


Windows Migration tool kit or Robocpy?


What would be the best tool to migrate A file server on windows server 2003 to windows server on server 2012? The drives must be migrated and presented one at a time to reduce impact on users.


A number of mapped user drives from group policies in


d:\ info

e:\ log

F:\ Marketing has the some shares on the D:\ which are detailed below:





One drive that is presented to the users at a time is moved -

d:\ info,  e:\ log and finally F:\ Marketing


This is similar to an old question that has been asked but we  require information dont the best tool to use in order to migrate the data in the way specified.  Is there anything in particular we should take into question?


This is no longer a question about migrating the DC from one domain to another. Which is the best way to go about this data migration is what we are asking.


Thanks and best wishes, DamianF

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