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Simple VB football game stuck


pinacallada1    0

I am making a simple 5- a side text based football game for uni, problem is i suck at programming and have really messed it up so now im stuck as to what to do. The task description is only really to think of a simple 5 a-side game with goalkeeper (who can save), defenders (who can tackle) and attackers (who can shoot).  All players have a Name, a position and can pass, dribble and run. This includes a hasball feature which will check if a particular player has the ball. So far i have a basic code i made to work off for my classes, i can think of what i need to do exactly but i just don't know how to express it in code.


So far the only thing im stuck on is building classes for the interfaces below, its my first time programming this semester and im still getting used to everything. What i have to work off is follows:


interface IFootballPlayer


        string Name { get; set; }

        bool HasBall { get; set; }

        int XPos { get; set; }

        int YPos { get; set; }


        void Pass(FootballPlayer receiver);

        void Dribble(int x, int y);

        void Run(int x, int y);

        string ToString();



    interface IGoalKeeper


        int SaveSkill { get; set; }

        void Save(Attacker attacker);



    interface IDefender


        int TackleSkill { get; set; }

        void Tackle(Attacker attacker);



    interface IAttacker


        int ShootSkill { get; set; }

        void Shoot(GoalKeeper goalKeeper);



If i can get this sorted ill be able to scrape a pass hopefully

I would be grateful for any advice, C# still looks like a alien language to me

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