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Good place to get SSL Certificates reasonably


M_Lyons10    454

Hi everyone!

I have a basic html site and want to support https.


Who does everyone use / recommend for SSL Certificates?  I'm hoping to not break the bank, but there are a lot of companies that claim to sell them online and I don't even know who is legitimate.


What is a reasonable cost for an SSL Certificate?  I've seen prices all over the place.


Also, I read that Symantec Certificates (who were bought by someone else who I forgot) are going to be deranked by Google?  Does this mean that I should make sure my certificate is from someone else?


Thanks Again!

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2 answers to this question

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Seahorsepip    610

If you want a simple trustworthy certificate for a reasonable price I would got for a letsencrypt certificate, they're free too.

For a reasonable paid certificate I would go for a Comodo certificate since they're less then $100/year and in my personal experience I've never had issues with them in the past.


But these certificates won't give you a fancy green name in the url bar, you will need to buy a EV certificate for that which is more expensive ($250 ~ $500/year) and a longer process.

I wouldn't suggest it for a basic site, they're commonly used by banks and large companies.



I would get a letsencrypt certificate for this use case which is easy to setup and free

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_kane81    9

Most web hosts include a free letsencrypt ssl certificate now - you just need to select the option to install it.

Best to message your host provider.

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