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Stuck with a issue with PHP and FFMPEG


Mr. Black

I have a script (made by another Author - Meteotemplate) that has 2 interesting bugs (1 fixed, thanks to another member here who I appreciate very much his help) that I am trying to fix.

The script takes a set of images and joins them together with Javascript/PHP to make a "slideshow". But, there is a flaw in whatever implementation of this he used to where it will skip frames or go really fast for no apparent reason. It's been verified by others as well.


So, I want to change it to use a .mp4 file or other browser compatible format instead.


The series of images have the same filename except for the end (ex. 20180316xxxx.jpg), the x's being the timestamp that I need to combine into a "movie".


While this question has been asked before and answered (multiple places), the answers will not apply to me because I cannot use ffmpeg on Windows Server because it does not support glob and the %d switch does not apply because the files do not match a set pattern.


This question Wildcard for sequential images (last answer) looks to be a start to a possible solution - chaining commands (send one item in an array at a time to ffmpeg, adding 1 frame per command?).

Unfortunately, I have no code to provide either as I have absolutely no idea where to proceed. A simple idea where to go/look at would be appreciated and I will attempt to write my own code or if I get lost guess I'll have to hire someone.


Thanks guys.

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