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Since I was tasked with creating a Silent Auction app for the company I work for, I figure it's technically software created by a neowin member. I figured I may as well post it on here as you never know. I am also not 100% sure if this is the best place for it, but well it fits. Here's the URL if you don't want to read my blurb ( Anyways, here's the info.




A lot of effort goes into organizing and setting up a silent auction fundraiser. Curating auction items, renting a space, selling tickets, etc. While people sitting around tables and eating and socializing is a good thing, you really want them looking over the auction items, and keeping on top of their bids! Bid Beacon was created to help you maximize returns on your fundraising efforts! Users can browse auction items on their mobile devices, place bids, and get notified when they are outbid, leading to higher revenues and more successful silent auction events!


Some of the features:


  • Guests (attendees) don't need to be present at event to place bids
  • Guests (attendees) are notified when they are outbid, rather than having to check the bid sheet
  • Assign multiple administrators to help set up the auction
  • Set up the auction from your phone, taking or uploading pictures
  • Administrators can easily invite guests , moderate, and process winners at the end of the event
  • Auctions are controlled via invite codes
  • Works on Android, iOS and desktop
  • Push notification support
  • Works great for all sizes of auctions from small groups/charities with a dozen or so items and as big as hundreds of items.


We really wanted to make the app accessible regardless of what your event looks like (organized or on a whim). We have seen events for schools, estate management, betting on horses (seriously), community events, and more. It doesn't have to be some super organized event. The app is 100% free to use as both creator and bidders. We are currently running a promo that makes the higher tier auctions free as well. 


For more information check out


If you want to run an auction, have questions or ideas, you can use this thread, pm, contact on site, or the support system built in to the app.

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On 4/2/2018 at 1:07 PM, firey said:

Works on Android, iOS and desktop


On the web site I only see options for Android & iOS, nothing about the desktop.

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In-case anyone is still interested or thinks they may have a use for Bid Beacon, we are putting out an update soon that has the following new features.

  • Messaging between Auction admin and Guests
  • Deletion of last bid
  • Ability to increase your bid
  • Better bid entry
  • Better Category/Item navigation
  • Cleaner, simpler UI
  • Ability to export list of guests
  • Notifications of auctions ending
  • Better management of multiple auctions
  • Speed and stability improvements
  • A page that can be loaded onto a projector/big screen to show live activity of auctions with different sorting of items
  • A much much more.

Base auctions are free to get up and running. You can purchase addon's to increase the number of items, guests, images, and to enable various additional functionality. 


Visit to learn more!

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