Do I need NAS capable of transcoding for a new TV?

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Long story short, in a relatively near future I plan to make 2 purchases - a 2-bay NAS and a Samsung TV (6 or 7 series).

At the moment I'm looking at getting either Synology DS218j or DS218play NAS drives. Since DS218play is more expensive I want to understand if I need it. It is unlikely that there will be more than 2-3 devices connected to the NAS at a time and I have no plans for it other than a media drive that can also download things of internet on its own. So I feel that DS218j should be plenty powerful for most of my needs.


Once I get a new TV later in the summer (most likely Samsung 6 or 7 series) I plan to connect it to my wi-fi over 801.11N and play video files directly from the NAS. My understanding is that TVs these days can decode the files so there is no real need for transcoding in the NAS itself, right? I do understand that this might limit my ability to watch HD videos on smaller devices, but I'm fine with that.

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