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Gauging interest in a Philips Hue PWA

Philips Hue PWA  

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winlonghorn    105

Given the time to get it done, I am considering writing a PWA for Philips Hue that supports Windows 10 features (when they are available). Would that be something of interest to anybody here? Would you find it useful in any way?

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+Fahim S.    1,103

As someone who has Philips Hue all over his house, I would love a PWA.  However, not really to install on Windows as much as install on my Chromebook, so the Windows specific features are not that interesting to me.

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Henboy10    0

I too would be very interested in this. But, I would also have to say that I would use it most for Chrome OS. 

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winlonghorn    105

Ok, cool. I will look into getting started on this then. Hopefully, things will slow down so I can get free time to write it. I will keep you posted.

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