How to setup the amplifier in order to recognize the Subwoofer?

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Hello users,

I bought an amplifier model DENON AVR 2311 and Im not able to make it recognize the subwoofer. Per the user's manual says that in case the subwoofer is direct mode, I should  enable the direct mode and desable the setup of the cross frequence and volume adjustment.


Can you help me to identify the type of subwoofer and how should I be able to setup the amplifier and connect both devices.


My apologies for such a beginner question and many thanks for your support.


Subwoofer: Samsung Model PS-WX720/725. The only entriies are +/-.


Best regards



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Jim K

Couldn't really find anything on your listed sub .. but if it just has +/- without a built-in amp (does it have a power cord?)... well ... you need an amp to power it.  Your subwoofer, based on the info given, has speaker level inputs.  Your receiver only has line level...and the current from that line level will hardly move the sub.  The receiver's manual states it has to be a powered sub.

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+Fahim S.

The sub is passive, and the output of the amp is passive as well.

So, you could get a mono powered amp - which could be really expensive.

Or you could just buy an active sub.


Sorry, not many solutions to this.



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