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I want to app-ify Xero.com

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derekaw    1,742

I regularly use Xero.com for my accounts but I want to app-ify it so it behaves like a Mac App and has an icon in the dock etc.

I have tried a few things including a site where you entered the URL and ended up with a google chrome extension but I think those instructions were old and Chrome now handles extensions differently. I tried creating a manifest file (or something) but I got an error when I opened it with Chrome and did not know where to go next. Again, I think that those directions were old and out of date.


I expect that my problem must have already been solved by some smart person here so I am asking for help.


I have the latest version of MacOS and I have the latest version of Google Chrome, does anyone know the best way to wrap up a web site so it works an as App? Im happy to use Safari if you have a solution that needs Safari.

Thanks, Derek.

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linettereed    2

You can use shell scripts to app-ify the website.

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