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Restrict end users from deleting browsing history, in private, incognito etc.

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Inertia    41

One of my clients has a terminal server which most of the staff use (thin clients mostly).  They want to be able to monitor the staffs internet usage, I was going to use squid but with 99%+ of sites using ssl now the data collected in squid isn't very comprehensive, just host names.


My client would like more information than this, plus squid creates a bit of a mess with authentication which confuses users especially within other none browser apps which occasionally use online data.


Anyway I digress, the client will be happy if the users are unable to delete their web browsing history so that it will be possible to prove their browsing habits if it is ever needed. then I can get rid of the problem causing squid.


I have setup a group policy for IE as is described here, pretty straight forward, (and i'm going to do similar for chrome and edge with adm addons).... https://www.wikihow.com/Disable-Delete-Browser-History-in-Internet-Explorer

However this does not prevent the user from pressing control H and deleting previous days / weeks or even just individual browsing history... is this possible please ? and if so how ?


Also can I disable in private mode through group policy ?



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Inertia    41

Or alternatively are there any free or inexpensive applications which support logging web usage directly on RDS sessions on server 2016 ? as its looking quite difficult if not impossible to do what I am trying to.


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goretsky    976



Check the anti-malware software that is already installed at the client site, as it may already have this functionality in it.   You may also be able to control private or incognito browsing through group policy.




Aryeh Goretsky


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