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Which is the best language to learn for Back-End Development?


MariosX    28

I would like to start a career as a full stack developer and I do not know what language should I use for back-end.
My top goal is to be able to create web platforms by myself for small to medium businesses such as Restaurants, Hotels, Super Markets etc.
where they will need to have a server where the can pull data such as stock item availability, customer recommendations according what they like, store partnerships in short Data Relationships.
but I want the platforms to work on a web-page, mobile phones & tablets (cross platform compatibility) (Javascript Frameworks will help me with that) 

I know what I ask I huge and will require tons of reading, building stuff , failing and whatever else.
I have already some experience in the following coding languages (whether they are not development languages): C, C++, php, HTML, python, javascript

I understand top platforms such as Facebook, WordPress, Drupal etc might have been written in php  but I have heard from many that php has been hit to a wall, Python is evolving fast, C# is aggressively advertised and is evolving too.
also I understand that Android has Java and now adapts to kotlin

Should I study php or python or C#?

My top goal is to become a full fledged stack developer. 
What do you suggest?

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svnO.o    26

I'd recommend learning how to do a basic site in each of the following: PHP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and demonstrate knowledge or familiarity with HTML/CSS3/JS and frameworks like jQuery/React.js/Vue.js/Bootstrap if you want to work with open source technologies. As backend, knowledge of Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and setting up an apache environment would be ideal for a Full stack developer.


If you want to work with proprietary and go the MS route, then learning C# and a lot of tools used by MS (Visual Studio, Active Directory, etc) is key along with getting certifications if applicable. You'd want working knowledge of Azure and MS-focused platforms and setting up/configuring IIS environments.


Knowing how to interact with 3rd party APIs and making REST/Soap calls is usually necessary as well either route you take.


I still see a lot of jobs for coding in Java but I personally am not fond of it. 

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exotoxic    648

It doesn't matter which language, one way or another they all do the same thing. You just need to try them and find the one you like.

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Daniel204    1

First, you should figure out what you need to use it for and what the demand in your area is (in case you want to learn it to get a job).


PHP: is easy to learn and affordable to host + it's very popular (~30% of all websites are built using PHP).


Node.js: this won't take too long to learn in case you already have a good knowledge of javascript - by learning this you won't have to learn a new language.


Start-ups tend to use each Python/Django or Ruby/rails, but if you want to work for a major company then you should try to learn C# or Java.

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