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Intel Microcode Boot Loader

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regenerati0n    7

Since motherboard manufacturers refuse to release BIOS/UEFI updates to "legacy products", I've come up with a global workaround to the microcode problem. Introducing the Intel Microcode Boot Loader, based on Intel's BIOS Implementation Test Suite (BITS). Users no longer need to modify BIOS/UEFI ROMs to inject the latest microcode to stay protected from security vulnerabilities (like Spectre), bugs and erratas. However, this solution requires a permanently plugged USB flash drive with at least 25MB and BIOS/UEFI supporting boot from USB devices.

1. Format a USB flash drive with FAT32 filesystem.
2. Extract the archive to the USB flash drive.
3. Run install.exe from the USB flash drive.
4. Enter the BIOS/UEFI and assign the USB flash drive as the 1st boot device.
5. The microcode will load automatically before the OS.

* The archive includes the latest ucodes for 392 Intel CPUs from 1996 to 2018.
* The ucodes are stored in the \boot\mcudb folder if you wish to update in the future.
* If you get 'Ucode not found' warning during installation, or plan to deploy on another PC, look for the correct ucode (by CPUID) in \boot\mcudb and copy it to \boot\mcu.

Intel Microcode Boot Loader | Mirror

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