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Was not really sure where to post this really lol


Does anyone else use Ansible either personally or at work?


I use it at work to deploy applicaitons and configure environments. I use it in conjunction with Cloud Formation is AWS


At home i use it to build out and configure my home server


It does the following


- update_install_basics

Does a Yum Update and bring the fresh install up to date

Install some need to have things like curl, wget, rsync etc


- setup_mounts_fstab

Sets up my folder structure and adds the disks in the server to the FSTAB


- configure_nfs_shares

Add the above mounts to the NFS Server so they are shared on the network


- setup_smb_shares

Same as above but for Sambe for windows devices


- setup_transmission

Installs and sets up Transmission Daemon


- setup_plex_mediaserver

Installs and sets up Plex Media Server


- install_sonarr

Installs Sonarr and starts it


- install_radarr

Installs Radarr and starts it


- install_webmin

Installs Webmin


- install_awscli

Installs PIP and AWS CLI, grabs my details and configures access


- restore_sonarr

Grabs my SOnarr backups from S3 and restores sonarr


- restore_radarr

Grabs my Radarr backups from S3 and restores


- add_jobs_crontab

Setups the recurring jobs i have, 2 main ones that backup SOnarr and Radarr to S3 so the above role has a restore point

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This does not appear to be a question.


Ansible is not fully xplat which IMO makes it crap for a large chunk of it's intended audience.


I keep an eye on it every 1/2 year or so to see if a Windows port is incoming but they seem to be clueless.


Most enterprise software these days gets the xplat requirement so Ansible will die at some point if they don't get their act together...


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