New house- please help with Home Theater


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Hi Everyone


I am moving to a new house. It has been almost 7 years since my last purchase of home theater. the old amp is huge and completely outdated / unnecessary.


the living room area is connected to the dining area and the kitchen.There is a space for TV in the middle and that is the only thing that I am bringing from my old apartment.


I would like a cool modern audio setup!


Preferably some wireless ( at least satellite speakers)


Some sort of connected system with an android app would be nice.


If some speaker can go to the bedrooms upstairs that connect to the main system and stream from it other source it would be great too.


Any suggestions?


I heard the name Sonos mentioned but I have no experience with it.


Something mid or high end stuff. I need to setup the whole house (2 areas - dining and living are connected but need many speakers to sound good. 3 rooms (2 bedrooms and a homeoffice)  and another room for gym/yoga)  


Thank you in advance!

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