Updating the Intel RST driver breaks the web / Chrome web cache?

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Steven P.

Each time I am directed to update the Intel RST driver, afterwards (even after restarting) browsing the web would be an awful experience because pages won't load properly.


The problems:


would amount to the following:

  • The style sheet of a website wouldn't load at all, meaning it had no formatting
  • Refreshing the page would only load about half of it, maybe the CSS would work but a lot of images would fail to load
  • After a few more refreshes of the page, images might show up
    - Example: Google Inbox would load properly but no user avatars for emails would load, they would all be grayscale default user icons
  • The same website, after a few refreshes of the page would finally load properly, but navigating to a different page on the same site would fail to load the CSS again



To be clear it is the above program and driver I am talking about.


A solution? 


This time, because Dell SupportAssist alerted me to the new Intel RST driver, had the same problems again, frustrating. But this time I went into Chrome and manually deleted content (cache) and now all pages load properly again.


I did a search in Google for this issue and couldn't find results with people having the same issue, I find it hard to believe I'm the only one experiencing it! I wish I screenshotted what I meant, but I think I was descriptive enough.

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  • Steven P. changed the title to Updating the Intel RST driver breaks the web / Chrome web cache?

I had the same issue at a time and couldn't fix it as well. Eventually, the issue disappeared as time went by.

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