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Magento Hosting Server Requirements/Recommendations


shine_victim    2

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening where-ever one is!


I have taken the plunge back into the hosting realm and have a few queries for the heroes here regarding Magento, with regards to specing a server for the following scenarios:

- shared hosting server for hosting multiple Magento sites

- dedicated hosting server for hosting standalone Magento sites


I have been looking around and have a good decent resources as to specifications required and how to calculate what you should expect per Magento site etc. 


I know Magento can be resource hungry so I want to get something in place so I know when to put the foot down and stop putting more sites on to the shared platform (sales guys can be hard to talk down sometimes lol).


Also, I want to know how to calculate the best server requirements for a dedicated server.....no point buying an all-powerful beast if the client can comfortably sit on a more humbly spec'd decive.


I hope this makes sense people.  I have been out of the hosting game for the best part of a decade but want to get this place in order and ticking along nicely.


Thanks in advance!


Admins, apologies if this is in the wrong section!

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