AMD Drivers For Ubuntu 18.04 or Mint 19


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I feel this has to be said, as I spent HOURS on trying to get my AMD Radeon RX 580 working "right". This goes for the 480/490/580/590 as well. It was OK with Xorg, but I could never get above 60fps in Minecraft, until I found this:


What really helps, not posted in here, is if you install UKUU. Ukuu Kernel Update Utitily. This will get you the latest kernel. The latest AMD drivers.


In my experience, the proprietary drivers did not work on Mint 19.1. Says this OS is not supported when I download from AMD site. The open source drivers, however did work. Also had to enable DRI3.


After this, I got 200+fps in Minecraft.


Just my 2 cents in case any body else runs into this problem...

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