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What are the rules, laws or anything related to using geo-location?



This may or may not be a programming question but I'm sure it's related to development.


I'm in the process of pre designing a web app and what technologies it will use, what services it will offer, etc etc.


The most crucial is the geo location.

In my web app, I will require businesses to register and input their business address when they register. The users of the web app, as the home/start page will see a map with those businesses and with option filters.


For example: If the businesses are fast food restaurants, the filters will be: burgers, pizza, sushi, pancakes etc. So if a user is hungry he will be able to instantly find the closest fast food to him.


Now the development questions:

1) Is there any available API where I can implement maps on my app?

2) What about rules, laws, is it legal to ask businesses and users geo location? I live in Greece and I'm an Estonian e-Resident, so I will be covered by Estonian law.

3) Is the API free?

The web application will be cross platform developed and will be developed under the following technologies:

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, BootStrap 4, ReAct, ReAct Native and django Python.


I haven't done enough research if other technologies are missing.

Maybe VUE.js a good idea as well.

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On 2/21/2019 at 9:34 PM, MariosX said:

So if a user is hungry he will be able to instantly find the closest fast food to him

There are like a billion things that already do that.. Just saying..


Is this some sort of school project your working on?

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