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How can I remove this without enabling ads?

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jnelsoninjax    14,182

So a regular site I visit suddenly started with this bs:


It takes up the whole screen and there is no way to dismiss the message, except to allow the site through uBlock, which I really do not want to do. The only workaround I have is a java script that I have saved as a bookmark that removes all this stuff, but it only works per visit, so I have to run it each time if I close the site and then come back to it.

Is there anyway to stop this madness?

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Nick H.    10,505

You're not going to like the answer...get a premium pass. As he says, the website is his livelihood. He needs to support it somehow, so it's either whitelist the site or go premium.


As per the community rules:


Advertisement Blocking.
Glorifying the fact in posts here on Neowin is strictly forbidden. We understand that some members could not care less to display advertisements on any website, and therefore block a stream of revenue that is required to keep this site running. We can not do much about that but please do not glorify the fact.

While it specifically relates to Neowin, we are also not going to help circumvent another site's source of revenue.


<Thread closed>

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