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Password Disappears After Clicking Login (Not at Neowin)



This problem is not common, but when it happens there doesn't seem to be
a solution.


I can't login to Howard Forums (popular cell phone forum) because my password
disappears when I click the login button.


I googled about the problem and found this quote.  Sounds logical to me.


"I believe it has to do with the web site's login page being coded so as to reject
anything resembling an automated "submit" action, presumably on the premise
that it might be some sort of "login robot" trying to muscle its way into the
web site through trial and error."


If a site login page is inadvertently rejecting my password as described above,
how do I fix this problem?

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Are you using Chrome to remember your passwords, or LastPass, for example?

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Have you tried a different browser or even logging in from your cell phone?

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