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Reinstalling UEFI firmware on Surface Pro

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IrfanL    29
Posted (edited)



My experience with Surface Pro is getting worse and worse...


Yesterday my Surface Pro (5th Gen) received and installed a UEFI firmware update (Surface – Firmware – 234.2706.768.0) after 2 reboot and firmware flash process, the touch screen and pen stopped working.


I checked device manager and did not find any malfunctioning driver. Did uninstallation of all relevant firmware  and HID touch screen drivers and reinstalled them using Windows Update, to no result.


I want to attempt reinstalling / re-flashing of UEFI firmware, to me this caused the problem, but I could not figure out a way to force it. I was able to download current and older versions of all Firmware but applying/installing them to Firmware devices in Device Manager does not seem to trigger the on-boot flashing process.


Wondering if someone here knows of away to force reinstall of the firmware on Surface Pro.



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goretsky    1,017



It looks like it is a somewhat convoluted process, but an article at




outlines the process for creating USB firmware installation media for the third-generation Surface Pro.  Perhaps the process is similar for yours?


Failing that, I would suggest making an appointment with the nearest Microsoft Store to have it repaired.




Aryeh Goretsky



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