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Ok my knowledge of the current gaming console management is very limited. My console days peaked with the N64. I created an email at for one of my son's so he could have a profile on our XBOX. Well in setting it up (about 2/3 years ago) I just put a random birth date not realizing that all the great parental monitoring and controls you can have when they are set up as a child account.


So I found out in an online chat with Microsoft Support that once you create an account as an adult it can't be changed to a child. But an account set up as a child can be changed to an adult. I asked the support if there was any work around and he said no. Nice guy but I'm not sure he fully understood what I was asking.


So here's my question for the community here. Is there any way I could create a new email address (birth date set up as a child) and transfer my son's current XBOX profile (game saves, settings etc) to this new one? Or is there another work around to this that I don't know about? Again I want him set up as a child so I can have the monitoring email reports, set time limits etc. Thanks!

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Cannot change from adult to teen/child.  Cannot xfer games from one gamertag to another either.  Best to create a new ID for your kid and then use Gameshare to share the games to his account.

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