Fifa packs and loot boxes 'not gambling' in UK

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The UK gambling watchdog has told MPs that it does not currently oversee the purchase of in-game content like Fifa player packs and video game loot boxes.


This is because there is no official way to monetise what is inside them.



This is an interesting decision, especially because of the article that was published recently by Neowin. I'm not a fan of loot boxes at all, especially given the odds of players getting that they want. Some of the more talented players in FIFA have 4.5% chance of being unlocked. 


I used to think that loot boxes that didn't affect game play in any way were better, but what I didn't know was the huge market for selling accounts with these items or selling just these items. It's just seems nuts to me.

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I think everyone should just never buy any game with loot boxes.


The only way to get the industry's attention is to take their money away.

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6 hours ago, dipsylalapo said:

I used to think that loot boxes that didn't affect game play in any way were better, but what I didn't know was the huge market for selling accounts with these items or selling just these items. It's just seems nuts to me.

It even manifests itself as a form of bullying in schools nowadays; they use "default" as a term to mock kids who don't buy anything in Fortnite and stick to the default costumes.



EA's only delaying the inevitable with their PR offensive and pathetic rebranding of loot boxes to "surprise mechanics"; they kicked the hornets' nest with Star Wars Battlefront II, and this isn't going to go away.



Loot boxes are definitely gambling, by the way.


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EA is a crap company anyway. No one should buy anything of theirs anyway.

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Won't someone think of the chi- Oh crap I'm doing it now


Not terribly surprised that giant corporations won. Sucks, but it is a huge complicated issue. EA etc make so much money off of it that suddenly banning loot boxes would be a huge bomb to everyone. I wouldn't consider them as poorly if they did some bare minimum of responsibility, instead of trying to trick people at every turn with every mechanic they can think of sneaking in.

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