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ALT-F4 shutdown not working since feature update 1903

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dumble    3

When shutting down, I usually hold alt-F4 until it popups the shutdown dialog. That seems to broken since I did the latest feature update, alt-F4 still closes apps but wont popup the shutdown dialog when im on DESKTOP. Anyone else with this issue or knows how to resolve it?

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Steven P.    13,363

I'm on 1903 and the popup (which btw I haven't seen in years!) works for me too.




Just curious, why don't you just press the power button on your PC? Modern PC's use it to power down properly as well, and that's how I always turn off my PC. Maybe it is not in a good spot to do it, just curious!

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goretsky    1,031



I just tried this on a few machines running Windows 10 Version 1903 (2 × Windows 10 Pro (x64) [one physical, one virtual], 1 × Windows 10 Home (x64) [one physical]) and the Shut Down Windows dialog popped up each time.  Perhaps something has captured the Alt+F4 key chord and is using it for some other operation?




Aryeh Goretsky



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