VR Headsets - Choices, choices...

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Nick H.

Hi all,


So I've got a bit of money to play with, and I've come back to thinking about VR headsets. My issue is that I don't know too much about them. While I can do research on specs, game catalogues and the like, I figured I would ask around here to see what the general opinions and experiences are.


I have a PS4 system. So the first - perhaps most obvious - idea is to get the Playstation VR. I'm pretty sure that my copy of Resident Evil Biohazard is VR compatible, and it's a real enticing idea. But then I hesitate because I wonder if I'm going to get the headset and only play the one game. Apparently Playstation's library is quite extensive, but can anyone give me some examples of games that they keep going back to?

The next option is the Oculus Quest. I've played with a friend's Oculus Rift and there were some really cool programs, mostly involving traveling around the Solar System, which I could see myself returning to again and again. The advantage of the Quest is that I'm not tied to a computer, but the average 3 hour lifespan has me a bit concerned. And again, I wonder how the game library stacks up against something like Playstation's?


A final, perhaps more rational thought is to not bother. This is an urge that will pass in enough time, and it may be that VR isn't all that it's cracked up to be at the moment. Would you say that it is a novelty, something that would be put down after a short time? Or has it become your go-to device when you want to chill out and play?


What does everyone think? Do you have experience with either of the above headsets? Maybe there's another headset to think about?

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Nick H.

No one has any opinions? :(

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The Quest, with it being it’s own unit and it’s inside out tracking makes it the only headset I’m interested in. As for battery life, you can use it with a USB power pack and it will charge it while in use, that is if you’d want to be in VR for three hours anyway.


PSVR has some nice exclusive titles but the hardware setup is a mess, maybe it’ll be better when the next generation of it comes out.

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George P

I'm still not ready to jump into VR, maybe for next gen but I don't know how well it'll work for me with my pretty bad eyesight.  Specially if whatever I'm trying to play has me try to read text and it turns out to be tiny.

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So I had the chance to check out VR on Friday night. We went to a place called Navrtar


After I left, I had the thought 'I really wanna get into VR', but like you wondered how long that would last before the novelty wore off. If you're on the fence about, keep playing with your mate's set up and see how you feel after a few more months. 


The tech isn't going anywhere it seems and you may find that something newer is announced. 


Also if you were thinking PSVR, may be hold out until something about the PS5 is announced, you may see something about Gen 2 being announced and the first Gen 1may be reduced. 


TL:DR - Unless you have something that you must have, I'd wait.  

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+NJ Louch

I have the PS4 VR, and have to say that while it sometimes needs a little "Reset my direction", it's rather enjoyable.  Upgraded to the Pro and it's a much smoother experience.


My go-to games here are WipeOut Omega, AstroBot and Trackmania.  I also use it a LOT to look at the 360 photos/videos I shoot on my 360 camera.

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