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I need recommendation for Backup solution


zaidgs    1
Posted (edited)

Hello everyone,

I have recently setup a FreeNAS box as NAS for home. I would like to use the NAS for centralized backups (among other things). I have never used backup softwares before, and relied on manually running rsync and other folder synchronization tools on externals HDDs for my backups. I want to change my backup strategy to something more automated. I also want to use the same solution to backup the other family members' computers, and they are not computer savvy.

I have read about backup solutions (such as: BackupPC, Bacula, BorgBackup, ...etc), however, I am confused as I have never used any of those softwares before, and I don't understand the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, or the capabilities of each software offering.

The following are my requirements and considerations:
- The software has an open source license. [At least for the Linux client or server software.]

- It does not matter if I need a server or not. The software can be client-based and I only need to expose a network drive from my NAS. Or it can use a daemon on the server.
- My server is FreeNAS (ie. FreeBSD).
- The clients are a mix of Windows and Linux.
- I want a full system backup (ie. including installed applications) not only user data.

- Fully automated. The backups should happen silently without user intervention on a schedule.
- Reliable: In case of issues, the system should send an email to notify me that something is not working as expected. (Or any other means of notification.)
- Secure: All communications are done over encrypted protocols.
- User-friendly to operate. I will set it up for my family, so it does not have to be very easy to setup. However, once it is setup, it should be very easy for end users to restore from a backup.
- [Preferred, but not required] It can be used to restore system image from bare metal. (Maybe setup a live USB to begin the restoration process.)
- [Preferred, but not required] It supports de-duplication: It detects multiple instances of the same file, and stores only one copy.

Are there any softwares that meet those requirements or come as close as possible to meet them?

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