Power off - Sleep or Hybernate when closing the lid - which options do we have?

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dear community,



well i allways thought that we are able to choose what happens when we close the lid of our laptops once our work is over. 


i allways thought that we have many options: Closing the lid can result in the linux system is shutting down, sleeping or hibernating. 
I allways thought that we control the behavior and decide what we want tod do, once we close the lid. guess that we can sum it up - that there are particularly 3 methods for powering down in linux.


- making the PC going to sleep
- making the system hibernating the PC - that means bringing the system into the hibernate status
- turn it off completely - that means switching off completely - fantasitic - is nt it?

The Sleep options consumes only a very little power


With this - the pc can wake up after sleep.  security-levels: Chances of losing your work due to battery draining are minimized to zero in the Sleep mode as the OS automatically saves all our work before turning off your PC when the battery is too low. 


This so called sleep mode is often brought into use when a person is away from his desk just for a short while. 


more options: We have even more options - eg. the so called the Hibernate option, 


Well - to explain it a bit more: to compare it with other methods and options: in comparison to the Sleep mode uses even less power and  lands us at the same position where you last left off.  The so called Hibernate-option however, should be used when we are aware that we won’t want to use our laptop or our computer for an extended period. i guess that this is pretty clear to understand.  There are differences between the different modes:  we have Hibernate or Shutdown and here to see the difference between Sleep & Hibernate.


question: is it possible to push the laptop to any of the three power states described above, by simply closing the lid of the machine? 


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Yes, this is normally how it works.. You should be able to configure it in your power options.  You didn't mention what flavor of linux your running.. Did the laptop come with linux on it, or did you put it on and it was windows based?


Here is like first hit on simple google for laptop lid close


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Power options and/or screensaver settings will allow you to set that up.

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