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language-[content-] switcher in mega menu - without any ml-system




dear community, 


 i would like language-[content-] switcher in mega menu - without any ml-system.   i just plan to create a new site where i use 

- Max-Mega-Menü
- etc. etx 

estimated textamount max 2000 words - in five languages: german, english; french, spanish, italien
note: the texts are allready translated - no need to do a runtime translation or something similar.  I have a defined text amount where which is allready translated. 


what is aimed: i want to add all those texts in to the max-mega-menu: 

idea: can i do this with a added (language-[content] )switcher in the mega menu

guess: i guess that this is possible - without using a multilang system eg. like: 


again; since i only have a little amount of text which is allready translated completely i guess that i do not need a multilang system.  I guess that a  (language- [content])-switcher will be sufficient to arrrange this. 

What do you think?  Love to hear from you. 

see the example: screenshot-3.png?rev=1457814



to explain this in this example: i have infos about the animals in five languages:  german, english; french, spanish, italien
all the texts are translated allready... i only want to add a little switcher... 





 | switcher of  content |
 ---------         ---------          ----------       ---------           ---------
 |german  |-------< |  engl. |>-------|french.  |>------|span.  |>---------|italien.|
 ---------         ---------          ----------       ---------           ---------
 |Lorem ipsum|     etc. eng.         etc. french       etc.spanish          etc.italien
 | blabla |


What do you think?  Love to hear from you. 


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