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Adobe Animate HTML5 page, help!



I've got an olllllld hobby that I just... never finished. I think I just stopped because of the whole flash is dying thing (that was back in 2014 though). I'm coming back to it years later to TRY and finish it :P I just want to see it through, I owe it that much. Would it be ok if I request for someone to make a very simple template for me in Adobe Animate so I can recreate my page in HTML5? Canvas? Easel? See I don't even know what the right terms are... Kinda hoping for a lil charity here :)


Here's a quick backstory. I knew very little ActionScript, but luckily I found a template that was perfect for what I had in mind for my site. I dissected it, learned how it worked by deleting code and see what broke... it was very fast learning. I applied what I knew to it, added things, and it's exactly how I pictured my site should be. I'm now hoping if someone makes a new template for me, I can do the same. Explore it in Adobe Animate, see all the objects, labels, functions etc.. examine all of it, pick it apart and I should be good to go... at least until I start adding more advanced content (video player, mailer, blog, store). 


For the moment, I'm only going to request the following:  A popup box with scrollable content. If you can, visit hugclub.net to see an example of this. Just click the little cat or the bear.
The template should be just a main clip, a simple square button, and that button opens a box with scrollable content (in flash it would simply load an external movie clip, by that, I mean just a page with text). In HTML5, I'm not sure what it will do. Load an external html doc?


Also check this link for a visual recap. Thanks a million folks!!!



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