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techbeck    6,869

Looking for a headset for my XBOX.  Comfort is a necessity  and good/decent sound quality.  Does not have to be top of the line as I am not looking to  spend a fortune.  Mic of course.  Currently using/testing a phone headset that is plugged in to my controller.   Decent. but looking for better.    Wireless option would be nice but looking for recommendations for wireless and corded



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Mindovermaster    1,974

Give us an eyeball of what your price range is.


I do not personally play XBox. BUT a friend does use these:




Are they what you are looking for?

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Skiver    1,958

I'm using turtle beach stealth 700, sound quality is good enough for me, I'm no audiophile so it's perfectly acceptable.


However, at the moment I feel the wifi element is not quite there, if the battery gets low I'll get sound distortions or occasional disconnects. It claims it can be connected to both the Xbox and a Bluetooth device at the same time but I personally avoid this. Early on I had an issue where the headset was randomly disconnecting (not battery) and the only thing I could put this down to was that it was still attached to my tablet, since ensuring that is never the case I've never had the same level of problems.


I find flipping the MIC up to mute a little awkward and the wheels for volume control aren't always easy to tell apart so I'll often have to play around with them mid game if something isn't quite right.


I miss the adapter I could quickly adjust by muscle memory and feel alone. 

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