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Simpel code adjustment: Header & menu load (paid)

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I'm looking for someone who can adjust 2 HTML codes for me. It's a Wordpress website with a premium template.


  1. I would like to have a different header on mobile then on desktop view because of the text which becomes too small on mobile.
  2. The menu on the blog is stuck somewhere (loads and then stays there) so that needs to be removed


They are, in my opinion, simple adjustments but I do not have the knowledge to do so. Of course I'll be paying for the provided help via Paypal.


Who can help me? Details in PM. The website in question is www . potvliegephotography . be

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For 1) do you just mean you want the logo to be bigger on mobile?


And for 2) are you referring to the images being shrunk over to the left on the blog on mobile? If so, that's not to do with the menu, it's the (bad) way the theme author has positioned the date/reply count. If not, can you clarify what you're referring to when you say the menu is stuck?


If I understood what you want for both, PM me and I can help. 



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For 1 I would like to have the logo with text loading on a desktop version (the logo you see now) and for mobile I would like to load the following logo: 



For 2 you are correct. It's the images moving/cropping to the left I would like to see fixed.




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Working with @ZakO on this!

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