Daimler Stops Combustion Engine Development


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Full focus on electric drive

More and more car manufacturers announce a development stop for internal combustion engines. On VW follows Daimler now - at least with a break.

Now more and more manufacturers electrify the powertrains of their vehicles over mild and full hybrids up to the pure electric car. Consequently, the executive floors shift development capacities away from the burner to the electric drive. According to VW, Daimler has now announced that it will be leaving the development of internal combustion engines for the time being.

The group has just refreshed its range of internal combustion engines - now it's time for a break. Daimler development chief Markus Schaefer emphasizes that the main focus is now on the electrification, electric drives and battery development. It is also about shifting capacity from combustion engine and transmission development to new development areas. The overall budget for research and development remains at a high level, says Schäfer.

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