"Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page" message on notebook

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In the last month I have received three times a BSOD with the message 'Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page'.

I have not changed anything to my notebook (just the regular Windows and Office updates), and not specific to drivers.


The last drivers of my nvidia card are from April 2019 (and aren't updated anymore)

The intel drivers (HD Graphics 4600) of my display are: (29-Oct-18)


My notebook dates back from February 2014 (so 5,5 years old) and I use it every day for Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel etc) and gaming, browsing the web.


What can be the cause here? Are some of my hardware components dying? Or is there something else?

Is it HDD related or more on RAM-level, CPU, internal components, chips etc etc?


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NJ Louch

I'm not good at diagnosing such things, but doesn't "page" often refer to memory?

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It could be a bit of anything.  Most likely, with hardware that's 5 years old at this point, it's a hardware issue.  Most likely RAM.  Try running a test like memtest86 to burn up the RAM a bit, and see if it crashes.


Additionally, a "Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page" error could just be caused by corrupted drivers and system files.  I'd recommend opening an Administrator-level command prompt, and running this command:


sfc /scannow


That will check all system files for corruption.

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@giantsnyy The 'sfc /scannow' looks good.

I will perform the memtest later today/tonight, because I think this will take some time.


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No issue detected......


So what else can it be? Or is it just Windows mocking me sometimes?


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Brandon H

I would think Page would refer to the page file (virtual ram) on the HDD/SSD. What does a SMART test on your drive tell you?

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