plex share via windows explorer - file names not displayed correctly

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So this has been bugging me for a while, have not spent all that much time researching it.. But can not seem to find an answer... Maybe someone here that is more familiar with unicode and codepages/fonts with explorer has solution?


So a while back plex starting putting files in its root folder saying not to store files here in multiple languages.

"Please do not place any media files here"


So as you can see if you view them in file station on dsm, you can read them in the different languages.




But when you access that share via explorer (windows 10) Only the Asian ones are displayed correctly... I am not using any Asian settings in windows.. If I view them directly on the nas via ssh connection, they also show correctly.


Not a big issues, just odd and bugs me..


Any ideas on how can get windows to show these files correctly?








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Anyone running plex on a synology nas, and can even validate they are seeing the same thing?  Or plex on anything and access the share?  And do you see these files with correct names, or like how I am seeing them?

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Ok so finally got this figured out... its the samba server on nas... had to set


mangled names=no


in the smb.conf and then restart smb... Now they show actual file names.





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