No automatic updates since upgrade to 1903 (from 1809)

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I upgraded my Win 10 Pro x64 in August from 1809 to version 1903. Since then I have had problems with the monthly updates:

On 1809 the (security) updates were downloaded and installed automatically and the installation could be completed at the next restart or by an automatic restart outside the usage times.

1903 also finds updates, but I have to manually click Download in the Windows update each time, regardless of whether it is a security update (B) or an optional update (C/D). Even important updates are never installed automatically.


I haven't changed the settings since 1809.


I also made sure that the connection is not defined as metered and that the group policy for automatic updates is set to "not configured". Also, the Windows update has a "0" delay for quality updates with security enhancements. Only function updates are delayed by 125 days.


Currently I have the problem again under 18362.449 with the November updates.

Thanks for help!

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You know how many people would love to clone your install :D

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Try running the Windows Update Troubleshooter?

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MS Bob 10

Oh you're so lucky!

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@xendrome: Troubleshooter did not find a problem, the reset-script from technet also had no effect.

@Microsoft BOB™ 10 and +warwagon: except for the problem with Epsons Dot matrix printers I never had any problems with security updates. So for me it seems a better choice to install the monthly security updates automatically. But after all I have read recently there might be many people who hope for my issue! ;)


Back on topic:

Is it possible that MS changed something from 1809 to 1903 in the way that updates are installed when the device is on pure battery power (i mean fully charged not below warning level)? The bad thing is that usually I can test new things only once a month...

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Could be the battery thing, they want you on line power so that the PC does not shut down in the middle of an update and cause borked OS that requires a complete reinstall.

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