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Hi everyone,


Most of you will know me as the developer of audio player Dopamine. Today, I'd like to present another one of my applications: Knowte.

Knowte was born in 2013, under a different name. Back then, it was called Note Studio. I created it because I needed a simple application to write and organize work notes. A great search functionality was also a must have. Today, I have more than 1000 notes in my work collection. Until recently, Knowte was a Windows-only application. That changed with Knowte 2.0, which was released a few weeks ago. Yesterday I released version 2.0.1 and thought it might be nice to present it here.




This is a list of its features:


- Creation of notes

- Organize notes in notebooks

- Group notebooks in collections (allows separating home and work notes for example)

- Note formatting

- Task lists

- Search

- Runs on Windows and Linux (theoretically it can run on Mac, but I don't have a Mac to build it for that platform)

- Export to PDF

- Note printing

- Mark notes


Knowte can be downloaded on GitHub:



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On 11/24/2019 at 1:11 AM, SnoopZ said:

I prefer the old name it falls off the tongue easier.

That's ok.

10 hours ago, goretsky said:



Very nice and clean-looking UI!




Aryeh Goretsky


Thanks! :)

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