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Hi,  I recently got a projector from amazon for playing Nintendo switch.

I am thinking about getting amazon fire stick( cheapest one) unfortunately my projector has delby sound.

i would like to get any advice about whether it works each other.


this is my projector.

I even tried to contact seller to ask question but I can’t find seller information...


Fire stick 

1. Dolby sound is not supported. If there’s no sound, please turn off Dolby Digital in your device.(Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > DolbyDigital Output > and then turn Dolby Digital (OFF); 2.When connect with iPhone, you need an extra Lightning to HDMI adapter (not included).When connect with android phone, an extra MHL-HDMI adapter (not included) is required. (Note: Android phone need to support MHL function) see less

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avoid the Fire Stick. It's overly unstable and starts restarting on its own at random after awhile.


I got one last year and it started doing that after a few months; got my free replacement sent to me in November and the replacement started doing the same at the beginning of this month. I've talked to a few co-workers that have a fire stick and they've experienced similar issues with theirs. I had the 4K stick I'm not sure about them though.


It's cheap for a reason it seems; I'm betting it overheats damaging itself over time because there's no ventilation for the chip.


I finally caved and purchased a Nvidia Shield TV and couldn't be happier; it's one of the top rated on the market for a reason. It runs great and has everything I need on it.


It's a little more pricey at $149 but completely worth it for the quality; it even has a little internal fan for proper cooling/circulation, fan is completely silent too.

Plus Nvidia Geforce Now game streaming on it is a good bonus :) 

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