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Finally Replacing FIOS Supplied Router - Question About Going from Access Point Mode to Router Mode for Replacement



Long time since I have posted here. Hope everyone is doing good.


So as the title states, I am finally replacing my FIOS Supplied Router with my own router. I kind of have already done so in that I have an Orbi router setup in Access Point Mode and have been using that off the FIOS Router. I disabled the WiFi on the FIOS Router, etc. etc.. But we all know Access Point mode is not the best. Double NAT, all that stuff. I have not had many issues with using this setup if I am being honest, but I want full control of everything and to get rid of the middle man of the FIOS Router. I have just been lazy. Truth be told I also asked for another Satellite for my ORBI for Christmas which I received this morning. Now that I have that it is going to make the transition to my own router much better for my setup overall.


Here is my current setup

FIOS G1100 Router (Wifi Disabled) > Orbi Router (Set in Access Point Mode - "Main WiFi") > Various  Switches and 1 Orbi Satellite


Here is my soon to be setup

Orbi Router (Set in Router Mode - "Main WiFi") > Various  Switches and 2 Orbi Satellites


I have already done research for doing the soon to be setup. There is not much I need to do other than Release the DHCP Lease on the FIOS Router and replace it with my Orbi since about a year ago I only started using FIOS for their internet and not everything (cable, phone, etc), My ONT is already set as Ethernet. Not COAX. So no extra steps needed there.


My biggest question is the following.

As I said, Right now my ORBI router is set to Access Point mode. Obviously I have to change that over to normal mode.

  • Do I set the ORBI Router from AP to Router mode before I release the DCHP Lease on the FIOS router and just unplug the Orbi as soon as I do? Then when I plug it in to replace the FIOS Router, it should just all be ready to go set in Router Mode?
  • Or do I Release the DHCP lease on the FIOS Router, unplug it right away, plug my ORBI in as the replacement, and then log onto it and change it from AP to Router mode? My main question there is Can I even log on to the Orbi when it is in Access Point Mode if it is no longer connected to the FIOS Router?

Hopefully I explained that so it makes sense. I am over complicating it I am sure, but I am just wondering when is the best time to change my Orbi router from Access Point mode to Router Mode in the whole process?


I am thinking it is best to change it from Access Point to Router Mode before unplugging the FIOS Router. And when I do simply unplugging the Orbi until it is ready to be plugged in again as the main router. I am just not sure how funky that is going to make things with the IP Addresses?


Also, I realize I could just reset my Orbi Router to factory settings. Perhaps this is the best route to take, I just would love not to have to do this since it is already setup so to speak for everything in my house. I do however realize this is the route I may very well have to take.


TIA to anyone that can provide some insight. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!




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So to answer my own question in case anyone else has it...


Just resetting it from Access Point mode to Router proved to be nothing but problematic.

I just reset all of the devices and set it up as a new router. Meant more work but ultimately, it is all set up and good to go.

Only small snafu I hit was I thought I could just leave everything plugged into my own switch. That was not the case. The other switch had zero issues, the one did.

Unplugging it and everything in it then plugging them all in again solved the problem.

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