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importing (large amount of text-data) from calc via Google-API to google-Calendar - how to arrange look and feel ?

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tarifa    0

good day dear experts at Neowin, 


first of all: A happy new year to all of you!! 😉


i want to do a import of data from calc via Google-API to google-Calendar!?


see the differnt formats - in calc- and in a printed sheme.... or in other  words - ready to print. 


question how to arrange to port to the google-calendar!?





note: i am able to upload the data to the google-calendar: but it looks awful:  see below



well  the results of the import look like not so good. 


see them here: 









well  - i want to have displayed the text at once.  - is this doable - in other words am i able to add the text to the google-calendar in that way!?




do you have any idea!? 


many many thanks for any and all help


greetings 😉


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