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Computer Chair Consideration

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Mindovermaster    2,754

My current chair, a knockoff of that "manager's chair" that I got several years ago. The probem, it is starting to sway to the left. So I'm sitting at a 15* angle.


I want to get a chair before this one falls apart. (same thing happened to my last chair)


But, I am not sure what to get. I've looked online, and I hate those "gaming chairs". They just look ugly to me. I don't need the big backing of it. I'm only 5'4".


I was looking at this: https://www.newegg.com/alera-chairs/p/N82E16848999540?Item=9SIA86E4MS2642


Being it is 60% off. Has good reviews, too.


Anyone else have any suggestions? Want to keep it around 100... (cheaper the better)


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